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August 13th Update

Football Update Thurs 8/13/20:

The State of Colorado has not issued any mandates regarding youth football…yet.

We were able to receive more guidance regarding our variance with Larimer County.  Because Larimer County’s variance could be in jeopardy, they informed us that they would “almost certainly” revoke our variance once we start games if we have teams traveling from other areas.  Sports travel is “strongly discouraged” in the County’s variance from the State.

The NOCO Football and LYAA Board of Directors met last night for several hours to discuss all of the details of being able to comply with our variance plan, the threat of cancellation due to travel, and contact tracing all of the players and spectators once our games actually start.  Because of our conversation with our Larimer County contact, we made the difficult decision to reduce our teams to those in the LYAA/Larimer area.  This means that we are unable to accommodate teams that were excited to join us from all over northern Colorado.  We regret needing to take this action but know it is the only possibility where any kids get to actually play any games. We are deeply disappointed to not be hosting those 40+ additional teams this year and miss out on the amazing competition they will bring to NOCO Football. We are looking forward to hosting all of those teams and making our program/location available to them next year.

If you are from the Loveland area, and you know of someone whose football program is unable to move forward, we would welcome them to join The LYAA. Those registrations will need to be completed by Sunday so we can restructure teams as necessary to begin full practice on Monday.

Due to the large number of registrations that are still coming in and that we anticipate in the next few days, players could be reassigned to a different team than the one they are currently rostered on.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to make room for as many kids as we can while complying with our variance details.

We know kids (and adults) are struggling right now with the back and forth of what we are “allowed” do on a daily basis.  Please talk often with your children about the possibility that the “powers that be” will decide they think it’s safer for kids not to play football.  As parents and as an organization we have absolutely no control over that, but we are doing everything within our power to make sure they have the opportunity to play.


Updated Equipment Check-out Plan:

Although the state can always come out with a mandate that would not allow youth football, it appears that a decision from them is not immanent. We know our kids are anxious to play so we will proceed with checking out equipment next week and preparing for our season.

The specific schedule is TBD but will occur late next week before, during and after practice. Your coaches will inform you of the schedule once they receive the information.

The LYAA and NOCO Football respects your decision as parents to change your mind about letting your child play under these circumstances. Please contact us with any questions you may have or if you’d like a refund on this season.

Thank you again for your patience and your willingness to move forward in support of youth football.


Much appreciation,

The LYAA Board of Directors


by posted 08/13/2020
Practice Info



Team & Coach Contact Info:

3rd Grade Spartans- Al Cruz  970-889-0554 coachcruz17@gmail.com
4th/5th NoCo Outlaws- Seth Baladez  970-397-8772  baladez4@gmail.com
5th NoCo Madballers- Chris Lucas 970-690-8518  christophersonglucas@gmail.com
5th NoCo Berserkers- Jim Kron 970-619-0801 jkron522@gmail.com
6th NoCo Venom- Brad Poole 901-846-6238 brad@thelyaa.com
Bill Reed Middle School- Albert Stright  303-518-6756  bolanegra4@aol.com
Con Ball Middle School- Joe Besse 970-581-6133  01tinner@gmail.com
Erwin Maroon Middle School- Rob Moore 937-694-9800  robertmoore53@gmail.com
Erwin White Middle School- Brennen Butts 970-567-9098  brennenb99@gmail.com
NoCo Knights Middle- Erick Whiteley  970-372-7786  erick.whiteley@thelyaa.com  (this team includes High Plains,
Loveland Classical & New Vision)
Walt Clark Middle School- Larry Chase  970-690-1042  lchase@frii.com  (this team includes CEC, FoCo players and others)
Please contact admin@thelyaa.com or message us on FB ( https://www.facebook.com/LYAAfootball/ ) with any questions or for more information.
Thank you for your patience with our coaches and our program during this challenging time.  

by posted 08/04/2020
2020 Registration Open


Click on Sign Up and then Registration. The LYAA is looking forward to a great season playing in the NOCO Football League!

by posted 06/08/2020
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