Frequently Asked Questions to LYAA Board Members


Before you send us a message, check this list to see if your questions can be answered here.  Don't see your question?  Drop us an  today!

1. Do I get to pick which team I'm on?
Yes, teams are formed by player and coach preference.
2. When do I need my physical?
Physicals are not needed for the LYAA
3. Do I need my birth certificate to register my child?
No. Our divisions are by the grade you will be entering the fall of the year you are registering for.

4. On the Online Registration section of this website, it showed a date range for my child's birthday?  I thought age doesn't matter?
For the online registration system, each grade level needs a rough age range to eliminate all members of this website from being eligible to for registration.  This helps to ensure that 99% of the kids eligible for that registration can sign up.  If your child does not fit into the age range for the grade registration they are in, please contact the and we'll take care of you.
5.When will I get my jersey?
Jerseys will be screened, printed and delivered to each coach no later than the morning of your first scheduled game.
6. How do I know which team I'm on?
Your coach will contact you after team rosters are made and before you are scheduled to recieve your equipment.

7. The weather looks really lousy outside, how will I know if my child's game or practice is still on.
Please check this website or Facebook for updates on the day in question. Remember, this is football and we will usually play in the rain or snow.

8. What equipment is provide by the league?
The league will issue every player a certified helmet, chin strap, mouthguard, shoulder pads, football pants (with pads sewn inside) and game jersey.  The players must ONLY wear helmets and shoulder pads issued by the LYAA at PRACTICE AND GAMES.  This is required by our insurance and is the only way we can regulate each child is wearing proper protective gear.  At the end of the year, all equipment (except jerseys) will be returned to the league. If you do not return all your equipment you will be subject to $180 fine.

9.Where is practice and when does it begin? 

Loveland Sports Park, 08/10/2020

10.When are the games?
All games are on Saturdays at Loveland Sports Park 

11.Does the LYAA have any weight restrictions?
No, all players are eligible to play every position on the field.

12.Can I coach or sponsor a team?
YES!!  Every year, we are in need of some people who are very generous with their time and money to make our league run.
Please contact us at    for questions about coaching or sponsoring.

13.I don't want to coach or sponsor, but how can I help?
Like most youth organizations, we wouldn't exist without the volunteers who have given their time to make our league a great experience for the kids.  We have many opportunities to volunteer your time such as: being a member of the Board of Directors, checking out/returning equipment, helping during registration time, etc.  WE NEED HELP!!!  If you're interested in making our league better, please contact us at admin@thelyaa.com

Thanks for visiting The LYAA!