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Cost for the 2019 season is $199

The last day to register for the 2019 season is August 1, 2019!

Remember to Register your child for the grade he/she will be in during the 2019-2020 school year.



Registration Instructions: PLEASE READ!!!

1. NEW ACCOUNTS/FIRST TIME USERS:  After logging in as a new account, first enter in all Parent/Guardian information.  If you are a returning user, you will only need to enter information for a child that was not signed up on-line last season.

2. After adding all parent/guardian contact information, a new screen will appear to add contact information for your child.  In many instances, his/her contact information will be the same, so this information is defaulted from the parent/guardian contact information.

3. When entering information in either form, please pay close attention to the required fields.  These will be necessary for complete registration.

4. If you already have an account with this system, and/or your child is already in the system, you will not need to add the contact information again when registering in subsequent years.  Simply log in to the system using your email and password, and complete the registration for the current season

5.  Agreement of the Liability release, Photo Release, and payment are required to complete on-line regisration!  These are all within the registration process.


Please plan to attend a walk up registration session to record your child's official weight so he can be placed on a team!




Please contact   if you have any questions.